Orange Krush Band

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Live variety music for weddings, parties and corporate events


-Will Carrie the booking manager be at my event?

   No. Carrie will work with you ahead of your event to ensure all is in place. She is also a professional photographer and usually works on Saturdays shooting weddings. Carrie's husband Brian, the band leader and keyboard player for Orange Krush, will be the day-of-event contact. Carrie can be at your event if you hire her as your event photographer :) Carrie's website.


-Does the band carry liability insurance?

   Yes. This is to cover any accidents that might happen on an event to protect you and your guests.  Most bands don't carry insurance. 

-Does Orange Krush drink alcohol at events?

   No. The band has a professional reputation and tight sound.  Our policy is no alcohol is consumed by band members during events. This helps ensure that every performance sounds great and is high energy and engaging for our audience and clients. 


-Does the band provide announcements throughout the event?

  Yes. We will ask for a list of announcements and when they will be announced in the questionnaire. We can also do spontaneous announcements throughout your event as needed. 


-Have you played at my venue before?

  Probably! Orange Krush has been performing events around the region for over a decade. We have played most of the venues in the region. You can check our PAST VENUE list and our PAST GIGS to see where we have performed. We are happy to play at new venues as well. 


-Do you take breaks? 

   Yes we break 10 minutes after each set. This is generally three breaks per event. When we break, we keep the party going by playing dance music via MP3 over our PA. 


-Do you play for ceremony or cocktail hour? 

   Yes. You have the option to hire any of our musicians to perform during these events. Often clients will hire piano or guitar for ceremony and cocktail hour and then full band for reception. We can also perform as duo, trio, quartet, etc…


-Do I have to decide about ceremony and cocktail music or adding horns when I book the band for my reception?

    No. You can book the band for your reception now and we are happy to amend the contract to add these extras at any point before your event. 


-How does Orange Krush keep guests on the dance floor?

    We go into the night with a setlist that is thoroughly rehearsed. We have several medleys of songs that go right into each other so the music doesn’t stop. When we do end a song, we start the next song right away to avoid down time and will keep your guests dancing all night. This is what sets us apart from many other bands and DJs that lose audience interest by pausing too long between songs. 


-Can we see Orange Krush live before we book the band for our event?

   Yes, the band does perform occasionally for the public, but our busy event schedule and individual band member's performance schedules make it difficult. You can ask Brian or Carrie about upcoming public shows or check the UPCOMING GIGS page for a show highlighted as "open to the public". 


-Do I get to pick the setlist?

     Once under contract you will be able to choose musical preferences on the questionnaire.  We love to keep adding music to our growing setlist. The band will learn one new song for each client at no additional charge. Beyond this there are additional fees, but we will learn as much as you want! 


-Will Orange Krush learn a new song just for me? 

   Yes! We love to keep adding music to our growing setlist. Each client is allowed to choose one song for the band to learn. Beyond this there are additional fees, but we will learn as much as you want! 


-Does Orange Krush play special dances such as the First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Anniversary Dance, Money Dance, etc...?

   Absolutely! You can choose which songs you would like for these special dances on the questionnaire. . We can provide suggestions to help you choose.


-Does Orange Krush take song requests from guests?

   Yes. The band will do it's best to honor any requests from your guests while keeping in mind your music preferences from your questionnaire and appropriateness or request for your crowd. 


-What do I need to provide for Orange Krush the day of my event? 

   We have a few standard requirements that are detailed in our contract. 


   Band requires 3 20 amp electrical circuits. Whenever possible, a power distribution box is to be provided and placed to one side of the stage or performance area.


  - A 16 x 16, 20 x 12, or 20 x 16 stage, riser or space is needed for the core band.

  - A 12 x 32, 12 x 28, 12 x 24, or 16 x 32 stage, riser or space is needed when a horn section is added.


   Purchaser agrees to provide a private dressing/break area equipped with at least one mirror and adequate seating.


   Client will provide bottled water, regular coffee, and hot meals for all performers booked for engagement. 


-What happens if a band member is sick or can’t be at a gig?

    Every member of the band lives in the Asheville area and has an on-call sub that knows our material well. These professional subs are able to step in and performance in the rare instance when a band member becomes unavailable. 


-What if folks are having a great time and we want to extend the party?

   The band always stops at it's scheduled contract end time but we are happy to stay longer as long as long as there isn't a noise ordinance or stipulations with the venue. If you would like for Orange Krush to continue playing, you can hire them in increments of 30 minutes for an overtime fee.  

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